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Functional Maths Foundation / Entry Level (Functional Skills) - BOOK NOW Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education Services


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Study level: Beginner
Course description:

About this Course

Our Functional Maths Foundation course is for adult learners who would like to improve their maths skills and develop their confidence and abilities in preparation for further studies or employment.

Course Description

The course is arranged into six, manageable parts, each one clearly introduced through the use of easy to follow factsheets and helpful information. You then go on to apply your knowledge and skills using carefully designed worksheets with instant feedback so that you can quickly identify your strengths and those areas you need to work on.

Throughout the course interactive, self-test quizzes provide a fun way to revise and retain your newly acquired skills.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Numbers – including the use of number lines, decimals and negative numbers
  • Calculation – including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Percent and fractions – including ratio, proportion and probability
  • Measuring – how to use the best tools and units of measurement for the job
  • Shapes – covering work with area, maps and plans, angles and 3-D shapes
  • Graphs – covering data, use of graphs and charts to communicate information, averages and range

Method of Study

The course is self-study and you complete the content at your own pace and time.

Entry requirements: Foundation / Entry Level will suit you if you have some background knowledge but feel you need a little more support or guidance before moving on to Level 1.
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Qualification: Functional Skill
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