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What Is Positive Spirit?

Positive Spirit is all about bringing out the best in you and helping you to achieve a happy life. One way to achieve happiness is by doing what you love most, what does your heart long for, or finding your true purpose in life and working on fulfilling this purpose.
Connecting to your inner Spirit will help you to pursue your dreams and reach your goals. There are various tools and techniques that can help you reconnect your body, mind and spirit and here you can find out more about some of them.
Throughout my life I have read into many different philosophies, studied and read about various religions and enjoyed numerous different physical and spiritual practices. I strongly belief there is common ground in all the different practices and here is where we find the power to transform, by connecting to the wisdom within.

Current research informs us that comprehensive programs involving both the body and mind are the most effective way to approach psychological health. This is why I am passionate in working with movement, self-awareness practices and meditation.


This doesn’t mean that we have all the answers. But it does mean that because we take into account the psychology, physiology, anatomy, and spirituality of the person, healing becomes ever more available. Sometimes that healing is profound, while at other times it is a small but important shift that enhances quality of life.

Suffering is a normal and natural part of life. We can use our suffering as an opportunity to grow and transform, we learn where our edges are and may expand beyond them. The idea that suffering is bad and wrong actually adds to pain and sorrow, alienating us from others when we feel down or blue. To be human is to have a range of different feelings. It is by embracing this reality, rather than shrinking away from it, that we are best able to live happy and productive lives. Further, by ack

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Positive Spirit training courses

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8 Week Yoga Therapy Vitality Program
Audience aimed at: Corporate training only

8 Week Yoga Therapy Vitality Program includes evidence base techniques proven to positively influence the immune system as well as reduce stress levels, increase mental focus and energy levels and metabolism. Mieke learned some of these techniques during her training with Iceman, Wim Hof, in Poland.

  • Study level: Multiple levels
  • Duration of training: 8 Weeks
  • Study mode: Part time evening