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We are an independent mental health service which empowers and educates individuals, business leaders, and school teachers to overcome the mental health barrier.

We have developed a revolutionary intensive intervention which uses both traditional psychological therapies and complementary therapies to deliver a truly holistic approach to mental health therapy. The intervention is so powerful it can transform people's lives in just 12 weeks.

From this, we have developed various eCourses which enable people to support themselves through the process, as well as specific training courses for business leaders, and school teachers to understand, identify, and manage mental health difficulties within the workplace/classroom.

All our eCourses are grounded in evidence and real world tested. They have been designed and developed by top Psychologist Katie Woodland and all use the most up to date scientific research.

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Overcome Your Specific Learning Difficulty (Dyslexia or Dyscalculia) in Just 6 Weeks

The HSLA Method will show you how to: DEVELOP the skills you need to break through the learning barrier even if you've struggled for years EFFORTLESSLY read, write or add up without any additional technological gadgets like calculators or word-processor ESCAPE the fear which grips you every time you need to fill in a form, or work out how much you owe on a shared restaurant bill DISCOVER your unique visual abilities which set you apart from the other 85% of the population 6 Weeks of Video Lessons & 6 Bonus Video Lessons: Week 1: Get LINEAR Discover how to take control of your own brain and to stop it controlling you when you're trying to read, write or do maths Week 2: Go 3D People with SpLDs learn in pictures, and more importantly in 3D but when it comes to reading, writing or mathematics everything is in 2D..

  • Study level: Not applicable
  • Duration of training: Variable - to suit the learner
  • Study mode: Online
How To Survive Your 9-5 (Managing Your Stress)
Audience aimed at: Corporate training only

What Would You Give To Feel Excited, Uplifted and Revitalized every morning? The EMERGE Method helps you QUICKLY overcome the hate, anger and resentment you are feeling for your job and your life right now. DISCOVE R the truth about yourself, your power, and your worth in the organisation EFFORTLESSLY implement everything you're shown so that you can feel confident in your own abilities again The real SECRET for getting through every day without screaming, shouting or crying at lunchtime STOP worrying about what people think about you and empowers you effortlessly step into the best version of yourself What you'll learn as part of the EMERGE Method 6 week eCourse Week 1: EMBRACE Yourself - Discover how to take control of your own brain and to stop it controlling you when you're trying to do the things you need to Week 2: MASTER Your Wants - Find out how to be truly honest about what you want and desire to remove the self-sabotaging block to happiness and overcoming stress in the workplace Week 3: EXPLORE Your Power - The only way for you to really start to learn how to enjoy your job and life again is to truly tap into your own strengths and how you can use them to excel Week 4: REVITALIZE Yourself - Discover awesome tricks and tips to give yourself instant energy boosts throughout the day without resorting to gallons and gallons of coffee Week 5: GO After Your Worth - Develop simple habits and use techniques which will make you super confident enabling you to put your foot down and go after the pay rise or promotion you deserve Week 6: EMERGE The True You - Find out how to take everything you've learned and apply it to every aspect of your life so you can become the best version of yourself every day BONUS 1: MAPPING - Discover the easiest way to stay in control of everything around you without creating hundred's of lists that NEVER get used.

  • Study level: Beginner
  • Duration of training: Variable - to suit the learner
  • Study mode: Online