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The Comedy School is the only arts organisation of its kind in the UK which works with comedy in many different settings.

Founded in 1998 by Keith Palmer, Director, The Comedy School aims to raise the profile of the many uses of comedy, from stimulating personal creativity to encouraging social skills and improving literacy. We achieve this through our innovative workshop, performance and arts projects. These are varied and inclusive, catering for those who wish to be comedians, to work in the arts and the entertainment industries, or to improve their communication skills and confidence.

The Comedy School is committed to enhancing the lives of local communities and developing responsive projects, using the arts as media for making learning interactive and fun.

Our unique way of working has enabled the company to take arts practitioners to many varied environments, including schools, prisons, traveller sites and excluded communities across the UK.

Mission Statement

1. To provide a resource for performers, including young people, for net-working, information and skills development through training and courses, and through practical experience in creating and performing comedy based material.

2. To develop the potential of drama and comedy as an educational and rehabilitative tool in settings such as prisons, young offenders' institutions, probation units, police initiatives, drama schools, youth centres, schools, day centres, arts venues.

3. To develop cognitive, communication and performance skills through theatre and comedy and provide a supportive and stimulating environment in which participants can learn different creative techniques.

4. To use comedy, drama and the arts as a forum for analysing issues around peer pressure, cultural contexts, social behavior and personal experiences, which people may find difficult to discuss in more formal situations.

5. To introdu

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Stand up Comedy

Over six weeks, the course will guide you through the process of becoming a stand-up comedian, from writing your first piece of material to your debut performance. Topics covered include: Generating Material Developing Performance Skills Discovering Your Comic Attitude Examining Stage Persona Exploring Joke Structure Sessions are run by professionals from the comedy circuit.

  • Study level: Beginner
  • Duration of training: Different durations are available for this course
  • Study mode: Part time day | Part time