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The Brain People's public five-star reputation has been built by consistently providing unrivalled value, exceptional standards, continuous support and the latest behavioural change technology.

Over 10,000 clients have trusted us with their personal / business goals since our launch 10 years ago and now we would very much like to support your intentions and exceed your expectations.

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NLP Master Practitioner

Core Syllabus > Behavioural Competency: Create Powerful Coaching Sessions Revisit and refresh core NLP Practitioner skills alongside new techniques Learn to utilise several approaches simultaneously through extensive coaching Receive support and mentorship from Master NLP Trainer, James Hutchinson > NLP Modelling How to model excellence in others (behavioural and analytical modelling) Code patterns of excellence through your own modelling project > Quantum Linguistics: How to change minds in just a few words Master advanced sleight of mouth advanced reframing Learn simple yet powerful patterns to alter beliefs > Meta Programmes Recognise unconscious strategies in yourself and others Achieve behavioural change and enhance the impact of your communication > Unconscious sorting Elicit values and establish unconscious hierarchy Understand the structure of beliefs Create interventions that achieve immediate results > Time-line Patterns Working with spatial and visual time-lines Re-imprinting process – cleansing personal history to avoid self-sabotage Utilising the unconscious mind for tracking and working with past orientated representations > New Code NLP Updating the classic code of NLP How to be a New Code NLP designer The new code for working at deep unconscious levels New code Game creation > Advanced Strategies Understand the neurological levels of change-work Learn how to change, design and install strategies > Parts Negotiation and Parts Integration Understand and explore powerful self-identity metaphors Resolve inner conflicts, ensure congruent behaviour and goal setting As you can imagine, they will be much more than the above due to the group's welcomed questions and requests.

  • Study level: Advanced
  • Duration of training: 8 days
  • Study mode: Weekend