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Complementary therapies are being turned to more and more frequently as people prefer to take the Holistic approach to their physical, emotional and psychological problems, rather than the chemical routes offered by many GPs.

With this increasing acceptance of the mind-body connection, now is the perfect time for you to take this all important step, and train as an Holistic Hypnotherapist.
This is your first step towards a genuinely fulfilling and rewarding career, as a professionally trained and qualified Hypnotherapist helping others to improve their quality of life.

As Principal Trainer, Costa is committed to providing you with a rock-solid foundation in the theory and practice of Hypnotherapy, and will also share remarkable insights into the secrets of his exceptional success rate with clients.

Both your tutors approach their own practices and their roles in the Academy in a truly holistic and spiritual way which serves to enhance your experience and understanding of the client-therapist dynamic.

You will be taught so many different therapeutic processes and successful modalities on this course by tutors who are recognised experts in their field. The client applications of each process will be explained, and as the AHH prides itself on delivering training that is above all else practical, the tutor will demonstrate with a volunteer before students break off into pairs and take turns to be client and therapist. To give you self-belief and confidence in your new-found abilities, we encourage you to practise outside the classroom what you learn at the Academy as our insurance policy covers you to do so while you are a student.

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Hypnotherapy accredited training course (Diploma of Advanced Holistic Hypnotherapy)

2016 Course starts May over 11 weekends, concluding in October. Our highly acclaimed, nationally recognised and accredited Hypnotherapy training course is aimed at the complete beginner and teaches 3 different styles of Hypnotherapy.

  • Study level: Advanced
  • Duration of training: 6 months
  • Study mode: Weekend