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Tevec is an award-winning performer and qualified Belly Dance and certified fitness instructor offering an assortment of Modern, Turkish, Latin & Fusion Belly Dance styles. She is known for her highly energetic & out-of-the-box theatrical performances incorporating props such as veils, cane & sword.

Tevec has dance flowing through her veins & takes inspiration from many dance forms ensuring that her classes give you an excellent workout.

Tevec is committed to helping you change the way you feel about your body. Here are a few benefits of Belly Dance with Tevec -

* Target and tone up that stubborn mid-section/waist area.

* Burn calories with a smile on your face. Yes, it is possible.

* Unleash muscles you never thought existed. No, trapezius is not a circus act.

* Strengthen your core. Yes, it does exist.

* Decrease stress levels.

* Improve coordination and muscle memory. Yep that’s right, arms do move gracefully at the same time as feet.

* Lose weight (alongside a sensible diet).

* Reduce neck tension and back pains.

* Improve posture. Look taller and leaner. Learn how.

* Acquire an exciting skill. Share your new moves on the dance floor.

* Increase your confidence. Learn to love your body.

* Exercise your brain as well as your body. Fight off degenerative diseases such as dementia and alleviate depression.

* Embrace femininity. No matter your shape, size or fitness level.

* Increase fitness levels. See the difference next time you run for a bus.

* Impress your partner with your new alluring hip movements. Well, why not?

* Shimmy till your heart’s content.

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Tevec Dance training courses

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Wednesday Belly Dance Technique & Workout Enfield, North London


  • Study level: Not applicable
  • Duration of training: 4 weeks
  • Study mode: Part time evening
Intermediate Belly Dance Course Enfield, North London


  • Study level: Not applicable
  • Duration of training: Different durations are available for this course
  • Study mode: Part time evening