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Tarot Journeys on-line course is written by Joanne Hooper, author of Journey to The Sacred Isle, which is a journey through the archetypes of the Major Arcane. With 25 years experience of reading, studying and teaching Tarot, this course will give you a broader perspective on Tarot, you will not simply learn the "meaning" of each card, you will be supported to find what they mean to you! The Tarot is a complex and fascinating subject, deeply personal to each reader/student. Consider seeing the Tarot as a guidebook to life, as every experience you will have and every person you will meet is contained within these 78 pearls of wisdom. As with any spiritual development course, learning the Tarot in the way that this course offers, will challenge you, but will also enrich your spirituality and give you a high level of confidence in your understanding of Tarot and your abilities to use the Tarot to help yourself, and others. Reading the Tarot for others is a big responsibility, as readers we need to ensure that we have worked through the many issues that could be triggered when reading for others. There is a strong emphasis on this course for students to take personal responsibility for their own development and to look deeply within, so they can be aware of their own personal Tarot Journey.

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Tarot Reading Course On Line

History of the Tarot Care for your Tarot cards Psychic development and protection Focus upon the Smith-Waite Tarot  The Major Arcane and the Archetypes in detail Deepening with the Major Arcane with supplied CD meditation journey The Minor Arcane - The Four Suits/Elements The Minor Arcane - Numerological values The Minor Arcane - The Court Cards  Bringing it all together with an Astrological spread Other ideas for spreads, you will be encouraged to design your own Reading for yourself, reading for others Other imaginative uses for Tarot Professional conduct, eithics and current legislation for professional readers.

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