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Ringfield Coop Management Group, is a team of seasoned training consultants, with many years of training experience within the health sector and further education. The team comprise of accredited City & Guild trainers, Software trainers, Data validators and seasoned non clinical quality assurance consultants.

Ringfield Coop Management Group, 'RCMG' started as a training support network company, initially registered as Epignosis of Disabilities, with the focus of supporting both people with disabilities and their carers into mainstream employment. we partnered with farming communities, like BOOSH PRODUCE, AUXANO LIMITED, INTERNATIONAL BOOSH PRODUCE MANAGEMENT LIMITED, with the aim at giving uneding stream of product support for the people with disabilities.
Further partnership with A.M.O.S Solutions and Services Limited, Daniella Training Consultants and TJD&Consulting Limited has made the group a formidable entity to reckone with.

However, at the birth of Ringfield Coop Management Limited, which focused on supporting more advance training needs of people within the health sector and further Education. The company RCMG has been able to infuse both ends of the objectives in supporting people and providing astute trainers.

We are still striving for excellence and we would keep pressing until we achieve the heights we have set for ourselves.

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Referral to Treatment (18Weeks RTT) - Validation
Audience aimed at: Corporate training only

One Day Training Course 18Weeks RTT Date: 16th April 2016 Time: 9am – 6pm Location: Barking, London Address: Fortis House|160 London

  • Study level: Not applicable
  • Duration of training: 1 Day
  • Study mode: Weekend