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With my help through this online programme, you will be able to advance swiftly, with focus on practical technical analysis and not an amass of information and "theory".

I am a trader of six years, having worked as a senior banker at an FX brokerage for the last three. My desire is to continue growing a community and following of traders who will later become ambassadors of forex, building their own legacies and helping others too.

Within this online programme, I teach two precise and proven strategies (typical/realistic results available) and mentor you through a practice (real-time) account and live trading account with the proper risk management tools required for trading all financial instruments.

There is plenty of free information online, but unfortunately, information only provides "pieces to a puzzle without knowing what the picture is". I will help you like i have helped many others, underlined with your commitment and confidence going forward.

Join me in this very fluid, structure and simplified, yet comprehensive development of yourself as a forex trader. You will ultimately be able to trade the financial markets for a daily profit, guided using my experience and expertise.

I look forward to meeting you all and feel free to contact me regarding any details!

All the best!


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Forex Trading:- Learn to Profit from the Online Financial Markets

Learn how to make daily profits via online/remote teaching through: 1) Analysing price/historical data 2) Implementing risk management tools 3) Practing two already developed stratgies (evidence of results available) 4) Knowing what to avoid and how to limit losses to the point of "insignificance". 5) Practicing already-developed strategies using investment-testing tools ('backtesting' and 'routing') 6) Understanding how to adapt forex and trading to your life and committments, in a discplined and time-managed format 7) Listening to our expertise in how to shape your psychological dispositions and how to remove pre-conditioned notions/bias from decision-making (NLP techniques adopted).

  • Study level: Multiple levels
  • Duration of training: Different durations are available for this course
  • Study mode: Part time day | Customised | Online