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Pyara brings elegant Indian cuisine to the homes of enthusiastic cooks and families/friends (or even those without the interest of cooking but just wish to be catered!) who love Indian spices and fresh, wholesome food - no matter the preference - mild or adventurous spicing, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, certain regions or broad-based Indo cuisine.

My background:

While visiting my Indian relatives in the 'old country' I would intently watch and learn with my aunties in the kitchen - how they would grind aromatic masalas on the grinding stone and carefully prepare all components of each day's meals with fresh ingredients, dedication and love.

Following this, while sitting for meals with my large family, and enjoying the moment with so many of my senses, I would further appreciate, with heart and soul, the result of the long and traditional cooking processes which was beautiful food balanced in every way: flavourfully, nutritionally, aesthetically and soulfully! Little did I realise then that it was my first experience of "slow food", in the truest sense of the term, and indeed, (especially from the ancient Indian Ayurvedic standpoint) deterministic of 'ideal eating'.

However, in our contemporary times and with the introduction of ready-made meals or short-cut packaged food which help to meet the demands of more hurried lifestyles, it isn't surprising that 'ideal eating' is rapidly becoming a lost art in both the East and the West. Indeed I even found this happening to myself despite my passion for 'slow food'!

Fortunately I soon realised that while those traditional ways of preparation did yield beautiful food, in our times 'ideal eating' need not be an all or nothing principle. We are blessed with knowledge of culinary techniques from around the world as well as kitchen amenities which can all be mobilised to enable us to eat ideally without losing hours of our day to food preparation, while still allowing us

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Pyara - 'Exquisite Indian Cuisine' - cookery tuition and catering training courses

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Pyara - exquisite INDIAN cookery and cuisine: one-to-one TUTORING and dinner CATERING

One-to-one cookery tutoring session teaching basic to advanced Indian cooking skills, as applied to an elegant 5-course menu for 4-6 dinner guests (see suggested menus below). Class conducted at student's home kitchen; all ingredients provided and spices provided for future use (optional).

  • Study level: Multiple levels
  • Duration of training: 3.5 hours
  • Study mode: Part time