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Who We Are
O&U Learn: Training, is an innovative software training provider. We are based in Stratford and we deliver training at a number of locations in London. ‘O&U’ stands for ‘Onwards and Upwards’, our mantra and vision for progress.

Don’t just train. Learn.
All of the above said, we don’t actually believe in Training… At least not in it’s usual form. Training can often feel like a chore, with the course subjects attendees spending much of the time internally pleading for the end.

We believe in Learning… With courses where the focus is on actually learning new skills that can be practically used in the real world. We design our courses looking at the best way to ensure that this aim is met.

Our Courses
Our software courses are delivered in an engaging and interesting way, run in an IT suite, classroom based environment, with a personal touch for the best learning experience. We have worked from the ground up to design innovative courses led by our experienced, creative and engaging tutors. Courses are specially run a few times a year at a number of select locations around London.

The word “helpful” doesn’t fully justify the amount of effort we have put in! When designing our courses we have taken our combined expertise and knowledge in education, and developed courses composed of the all the important and valuable topics in the three key subjects.

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Onwards & Upwards Ltd
O&U Learn: Training, is subsidiary of Onward & Upwards Ltd. We offer a range of services such as Website Creation, Graphic Design, Animation, Media and Video Creation, as well as educational services such as Examinations Support, Tuition, and (of course) Software Training.

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O&U Learn Training training courses

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Microsoft Excel for Excellence [Beginner / Intermediate]

Our Excel for Excellence course is a 1-day course designed for those who wish to learn how to properly harness the power of Microsoft Excel. For many people this program remains a mystery, and even those that do use the software are not able to use many of its features.

  • Study level: Multiple levels
  • Duration of training: 1 day
  • Study mode: Full time