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Aikido is Japanese martial art that focuses on blending with an opponents energy rather than punching or kicking. In Aikido we are concerned about the wellbeing of our opponent as well as ourselves. Ki Aikido (properly called Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido) is “Aikido with mind and body unified”.

This form of Aikido trains the student to unify their mind and body, allowing them to connect with an opponent, feel their energy, and direct it in such a way the least damage is done. This training is beneficial outside of the dojo or self-defence as it raises confidence, promotes clarity of thought, and teaches how to find win-win situations.

Physical strength or speed are not as important as in other martial arts meaning Ki Aikido is suitable for all ages and most fitness levels. Martin Acton is a 7th Dan Chief Aikido Instructor.

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Aikido Lessons for children of all ages

Why should your child practice aikido? Aikido is one of the most advanced martial arts the world has ever seen. It is a non-aggressive yet extremely effective self-defense.

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