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Lovefullness is new method how to transform any mental state into insight. With practice of this method with your clients you can make deepen your relationship with surrounding world. Love as the remedy for removing all obstacles and we can realize so that we are perfect beings as we are.

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Lovefullness - The Method of Self-Acceptance
Audience aimed at: Corporate training only

Lovefullness is a method of self-acceptance which is using the work with subconsciousness, and work with emotions. In this course you will learn how to use each component of the method Lovefullness.

  • Study level: Intermediate
  • Duration of training: Different durations are available for this course
  • Study mode: Customised | Online
The Foundations in Mindfulness

If you ever wondering why sometimes is so hard to get over life situation or why you are feeling great and about couple of minutes later completely oppositely. These and similar questions can be answered if you understand the perspective of the Mindfulness.

  • Study level: Beginner
  • Duration of training: Variable - to suit the learner
  • Study mode: Online
The Mental bank program - 5 minutes a day can entirely change a life
Audience aimed at: Corporate training only

You don't have job or you have financial problems or you would like to find partner however unfortunately that is unsuccessful. Question remains: Why? Why all of my effort didn't bring the results? What if I tell you that this is your life script? What if I tell you that you can change every limitation by rewriting of your life script? What if I tell you that all is hidden in the own beliefs? Would you be willing to take an challenge and learn how to rewrite own life script? Why some people may not have so much effort and yet their wishes has been fulfilled? Why some people have so big effort and sometimes with absolute motivation and yet they can't get what they want? Why some people are working so hard with so many difficulties and obstacles? Everything is in own belief; this can be changed, if we could rewrite the life script.

  • Study level: Not applicable
  • Duration of training: 1 hour
  • Study mode: Sandwich