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Capoeira is open to everyone. Learn Capoeira step by step from qualified Capoeira Masters in a healthy environment.

Master Marcos & Master Silvia are both graduates of the Association of Capoeira Senzala, Santos, Brazil. They have established the London School of Capoeira in 1988 as the first official Capoeira school in the UK.

A short description of our courses for beginners:

The courses aim to:

Develop an awareness of the importance of thorough warm-up.
Develop core skills of co-ordination, strength, flexibility and stamina.
Teach Capoeira footwork, building on the movement basics of each general type (advancing, evading and basic Capoeira acrobatics).
Teach a Capoeira sequence of linked movements with a partner.
Teach some of the principles of the game of Capoeira
Teach how to apply the movements learned within the Roda (the circle where Capoeira takes place).
Develop the playfulness within us all.
No previous experience/fitness required.

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Capoeira introductory course for beginners

A short description of our courses for beginners: This Capoeira course is designed to teach participants the fundamental aspects of Capoeira, including body conditioning, basic capoeira movements, sequences and an introduction to the Roda (the circle in which Capoeira takes place). No previous experience is required for first time participants.

  • Study level: Beginner
  • Duration of training: 5 weeks
  • Study mode: Part time evening