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First my mission was to heal myself, so I worked determinedly & purposefully to birth, embody and own my spirit: To know what is real, in what I can trust, and what The Truth IS.

Tools and techniques were shown to me that transform states of disconnection, secret unfulfilment, grief and aloneness,
to yield greater clarity and consciousness, deeper sensory & feeling ability, self-acceptance, empowerment, unconditional self-love, intimacy, and spiritual revelation to help bring about a sense of Absolute Wholeness for people.

We are living in Awakened times. We can no longer ignore or avoid
that we are here as Beings of Light to create a new reality on Earth;
A world of Absolute Love where all souls are free from karmic cycles, pain and suffering.

It's the most challenging but ultimately most fulfilling life,
to be an integral and unique part of humanity's Evolution Of Consciousness.

My mission is to help more Absolute Love establish in this world,
so that it is not just an inner feeling but an outer reality.

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"I Love You, Me" Healing Journey
Audience aimed at: Corporate training only

A 6 Week Guided Healing Journey, Live Via Webinar with Tara Love Perry ~ International Soul Reader, Healer & Soul Guide Week 1 ~ Essential Trust in Life: Opening to the ever-present flow of existence, Letting go & Recieving the 'Now' Healing issues about being punished, judged or abandoned Healing issues around fear or dislike of being in your Body Healing feelings of wanting to escape or leave this world. Gaining trust that you are here for a divine reason.

  • Study level: Not applicable
  • Duration of training: 6 weeks