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Lishi is an ancient science and system of exercise that incorporates forms, breathing, qi gung, self defence and yoga.  Together these different exercises weave to produce a holistic approach to developing your health, fitness and well-being. 

Students (and teachers like me !) find the classes deeply intriguing. Week by week we delve deeper by learning how to focus your attention and Qi in a broad range of exercises and postures.  From these exercises comes a multitude of health benefits and increased energy levels that we can utilise in every aspect of our lives.

When you attend a class you will find a warm welcome and a fun and upbeat environment where develop ourselves physically, mentally, and in turn having positive effects emotionally and even spiritually.

We warmly welcome to come along.

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Lishi Tai Chi And Kung Fu - Harrogate training courses

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Full Lishi Adult Class

So you want to know about Lishi? Well, join the club! There are many answers to the question “What is Lishi?” but a useful starting point is that Lishi involves moving and exercising your body in a variety of different ways that have proven, positive benefits for your physical, mental and emotional health. In other words, by practising Lishi you become physically, mentally and spiritually fit.

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  • Duration of training: 1.5 hours
  • Study mode: Part time evening