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There are many answers to the question “What is Lishi?” but a useful starting point is that Lishi involves moving and exercising your body in a variety of different ways that have proven, positive benefits for your physical, mental and emotional health. In other words, by practising Lishi you become physically, mentally and spiritually fit.
Everyone who practises Lishi is different but what we have in common is that we want to feel greater levels of health and energy in our bodies because we realise this is the key to improving our life.
The healthier you are and the more energy you have, the more happiness, confidence and well-being you will experience.
Some people come to Lishi because they want to learn Tai Chi, Yoga or Kung Fu, others want to get more flexible, fitter or stronger or simply have a healthier lifestyle.

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Lishi Tai Chi and Kung Fu- Newcastle upon Tyne training courses

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Lishi Tai Chi & Kung Fu

Lishi is an ancient style of taichi and kungfu perfect for fitness, health and self-defence in every day modern life. Learn how to increase and use your internal energy (Qi) in a fun yet challenging manner.

  • Duration of training: 6 weeks
  • Study mode: Part time evening