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Learn devastatingly effective techniques that will give you the confidence and security of knowing that if you are ever attacked, you can seriously neutralize any opponent, no matter how big they are. Learn how to escape from chokes, holds and locks and counter attack. We deal with multiple attackers whether they are armed with sticks, bottles or knives.

So come along and learn how to protect yourself, build your self-confidence and get a great workout, all in one! It’s great fun, it’s a mixed group of men and women and it’s really friendly and fast to learn

You learn quickly as there is no theory! We teach only what works! Also the techniques are based on your body’s own natural movements and reflexes which really helps with the speed you can learn it. So no awkward long winded fancy looking moves.

You’ll remember it when you need it to survive.

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Krav Maga Self Defence System training courses

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Krav Maga Self Defence Trial Class for Kids 5 - 8years

Krav Maga Self Defence Classes for kids in Liverpool. I will teach the basic movements, punches, kicks, defence against common holds and attacks.

  • Study level: Advanced
  • Duration of training: Different durations are available for this course
  • Study mode: Part time