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The GLH Hair Academy has now become a foremost supplier of the most comprehensive courses for Wig Making and Hair extensions.
Our wig making courses include Venting/knotting hair onto lace bases. Our most comprehensive course is 2 - 3 days in length. You will learn all aspects of wig making.
How to make lace base caps. How to make partial cap bases both for Ladies and Men. How to make lace fontals and closure frontals and of course converting a full wig into a wig with a lace frontal.
The course will show you the different elements of qualities and textures of hair from around the world.
Being able to recognize the the difference between Remy hair and non- Remy hair.
How to cleans hair, color blending hair and using a Hackle to create the right lengths for your needs.
Planning and structuring wigs are very important and GLH will show you how to consult correctly with your client to make sure you find out all the clients needs, colour, length, density, hair direction and hairlines. All this knowledge will help you plan the perfect most natural wig system for your client.
A history of wigs is also coverd in this course looking at how wigs have changed through the ages, in style,techniques and types of hairs used from horse hair , mink and human hair.
We then take you through client consultations, and after care
A major part of telp you with marketing and advertising course is about helping you create wig making as a business. Teaching you how and where to buy hair. Where to buy accessories you will need to make your wigs.
Further to this we will teach you how to market and advertise your business.
Should you require a shorter course, then GLH can offer a one course covering lace frontals and mens toupes
The GLH Academy teaches comprehensive courses in hair extensions, namely the exclusive "Link System" and "Quick Link System"
This is the "cold" method of hair extensions,no, heat,glue or chemicals.

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Hair Extension

Course Content: Consultation and analysis of hair (colour, texture, wave etc) Application Product sales required for maintenance routines and appointments. Planning, design, and price quotation Cutting and finishing.

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