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Our mission as the team of trainers is to work for your development. We promote and support organizational effectiveness by providing high-quality educational programs. Trainings are designed to meet individual, group and institutional needs and objectives. We promise to improve your knowledge, skills and enrich your organisation.

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Paediatric First Aid Level 3 (Ofsted approved)

In 2011/12 in London over 150 infants and children were taken to hospitals with life-threatening heart conditions. Paediatric First Aid is the immediate help we give a child or infant before the arrival of qualified medical help.

  • Study level: Advanced
  • Duration of training: Different durations are available for this course
  • Study mode: Short full time | Customised
Safeguarding Children Level 2 (Ofsted approved)

The serious case reviews of ‘Baby P’ in London, Daniel Pelka in Coventry are only two examples that highlight the importance of ‘Safeguarding Children’. Although Child Protection Law originally dates back to 1889 (The Children’s Charter), a lot more has to be done to ensure the safety of children.

  • Study level: Intermediate
  • Duration of training: 3 hours
  • Study mode: Customised
Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2

Babies and young children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to the bacteria that can cause food poisoning. That stresses the importance of keeping the food hygiene in line with your work activity and handling the food safely.

  • Study level: Intermediate
  • Duration of training: 6 hours
  • Study mode: Customised
Special Education Needs and Disabilities

This course is aimed at practioners who work in childcare and may come in contact with children who have S.E.

  • Duration of training: 3 hours
  • Study mode: Customised
Challenging Behaviour

A child’s behaviour can, at times be challenging and we need to understand the motivation behind this behaviour. This course will help staff to improve the lives of people who display challenging behaviour as it is concerned with how staff can support children and young people to replace the behaviours with positive actions.

  • Duration of training: 3 hours
  • Study mode: Customised