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Sheila is a renowned Holistic Therapist, she has been working in the field of Complementary Therapy for over 30 years. She was one of the first Reflexology tutors to bring Reflexology into Ulster and Connacht in the early 1980’s teaching in Cookstown, Donegal, Belfast, Derry, Sligo.

Sheila is the director and principal of Chrysalis Reflexology School, which is one of the largest Reflexology School in Ireland with a student pass rate of 90%.

Her Reflexology course is unique as she teaches Ingham method and Swiss method of Reflexology within the diploma course.

She has trained in many Holistic disciplines as well as Reflexology.

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Sheila Nugent School of Reflexology training courses

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Reflexology Diploma

Syllabus • The Ingham and Swiss method of Reflexology. • The Holistic approach of Complementary Therapies • Instruction in practical work • The Philosophy of Complementary Medicine • Personal Growth and Development of the Practitioner • Refinement of Sensitivity through touch and intuitiveness • History of Reflexology • Code of Practice and Ethics • Anatomy and Physiology to include comprehensive knowledge of the body/mind, their functions and dysfunctions, nature of disease and consequential result in the body • Home assignments should include detailed case studies • A comprehensive knowledge of the Charts • Colour in relation to health • Body Symblogy (body/mind connection) EXAM REQUIREMENTS • Written Paper • Practical • Oral • Case Studies HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? The duration of the course is 1 year, monthly.

  • Study level: Beginner
  • Duration of training: 1 year
  • Study mode: Part time
Advanced Reflexology including Hand Reflexology

Andvanced Reflexology 3 Days The course will cover: Maternity Reflexology, Cancer Care Reflexology, Meridians, Deeper Reflexology, Reading the Fee

  • Study level: Advanced
  • Duration of training: 3 days
  • Study mode: Weekend