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Brentwood Open Learning College

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Brentwood Open Learning College is UK's leading online and distance learning platform. We specialise in online learning and correspondence courses.

Where ever you are in the world you can choose from our accredited courses. Our aim is to make skills affordable and accessible for people from all walks of life. We provide a platform where you can polish your potentials by getting all the necessary skills, training and education you need for your successful life.

We are pioneers in providing a new flexible way of learning, where you can study in your own hours, at your own pace and at the timing which suits you best. Throughout your course you have full support and assistance from our experienced tutors. Whether it is a new career, an increase in salary or a desire to learn something new, BOLC can help you achieve your goals with UK's recognised qualifications. Our widening access methodology provides access to those people as well who otherwise get very little chances for further education because of their busy schedules.

BOLC provides everyone an access to desired education irrespective of their race, age, profession, nationality, education history etc. People with any background and from any corner of the world can participate in our programmes.