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Art Historical London runs regular courses and seminars on art and art history, gives private lectures at commercial galleries, and organizes bespoke tours and visits.
We have a team of specialist art historians, many with an educational background, and all passionate about their subject!

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Art Historical London training courses

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Art & History: private tour 2 Temple Place and the exhibition Sussex Modernism

Any one who is interested in the hidden gems of London; it's lesser knows historical buildings, and unique small exhibitions, this is for you! This private tour with art historian Mariska Beekenkamp-Wladimiroff will include visiting the Neo-gothic mansion on the Embankment build for William Waldorf Astor, and a visit to the exhibition: Sussex Modernism, which will have opened only the week before. Astor had emigrated to England in 1891 and, as arguably the richest man in the world, he spared no expense on the work for Two Temple Place.

  • Study level: Not applicable
  • Duration of training: 2 hours
  • Study mode: Part time day
Art & History: Germany - The making of a Nation

During the course of 5 lectures and over 1500 years of German history we will encounter some of the Germans (and their adversaries) that changed the face of the world for ever. Students will certainly be familiar with the likes of Martin Luther, Frederic Handel or Bismarck, but how about Emperor Barbarossa (Redbeard), King Frederick II or the explorer Alexander von Humboldt? Illustrated by the art and architecture of each period, these lectures will give students a comprehensive insight into the making of the German nation and its huge impact on the history of Europe.

  • Study level: Not applicable
  • Duration of training: 5 hours
  • Study mode: Full time
Art History: 'Isms' of Modernist Art

During the early Modern Period (1905-1915) Europe was characterized by an astonishing variety of 'isms' or styles and movements. Cubism, Orphism, Vorticism, Futurism, Neo-Primitivism, Rayism, to name but a few all contributed to the birth of Modernism.

  • Duration of training: 3 hours
  • Study mode: Part time day
6 Historical Houses in SW London

After hybernating over the Winter and doing necessary maintenance, most historic houses re-open during the Spring. Starting in April, after the Easter Holidays, I will be running a series of Private Visits to Historical Houses in SW London.

  • Study level: Not applicable
  • Duration of training: 6 days
  • Study mode: Part time day