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My career started in science and for twenty years I worked as a scientist and manager for GE Healthcare in the UK. I left GE in 2008 and moved to SE Asia to study a TEFL course and pursue a career in teaching English to learners from the ASEAN countries. After tutoring children on a one-to-one basis for two years I decided to start teaching online and utilise the skills that I had spent the last twenty or so years nurturing.
Because of my extensive business background, I am able to offer a wealth of experience to learners of academic and business English. In addition, working as a scientist has enabled me to develop a great eye for detail and I spent much of the time in my career proofreading and checking technical documents that had to be submitted to government agencies for approval. I already teach on the top three online teaching sites and have achieved 5 star reviews on every site (see below).
Since 2010, I have helped more than 1,500 online students improve their study habits, comprehension, and test-taking skills. As a result, my students have earned better test scores, achieved well paid jobs in their chosen careers and grown in self-esteem and confidence. I love celebrating those victories with my students. Many of my students return time after time and appreciate the time, effort and patience that I put into my lessons with them.

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Interview preparation

Ace your interview!! As a manager working for GE, I carried out many interviews for all types of positions from low to high level. If you have an interview approaching for a new job, a college or university or an MBA application, my interview class will inspire you with the confidence you need to pass the interview and land you your dream job.

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