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Training and Courses visits... Morley College

I’ve always been a big believer in lifelong learning and this was a sentiment that Morley College echoed.

Safeera Sarjoo
07th April 2016
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In our first college review, Training and Courses got a firsthand look at classes in action as well as access to the wide range of facilities and equipment that supports students in their quest to further their learning.

Very early on, I realised that opportunities for learning are there regardless of your age and so it was refreshing to see students of all ages pursuing their own passions and working in a friendly and encouraging environment.

From Printmaking, to Life and Portrait Sculpture and even Mixing and Mastering in a state of the art recording studio, Morley is packed with facilities for very niche areas of study but also cater for more universal subjects such as Science and Photography.

Working in Adult Learning, I often wonder if the fear of going back into learning overwhelms potential students, but Morley provides the perfect atmosphere where students can study towards that second career they’ve always dreamt of, or simply their own personal fulfilment.

We can see why students love coming to Morley. The college is proud to showcase the work of their students throughout their premises and even in a separate art gallery located across the road from the main building. This is open to the public so visitors and prospective students get a feel for the type of work that is produced here, which in a lovely sense, brings both the public and people affiliated with the college together.

The warm environment is clear to see as soon as you step inside the college. Students are polite, tutors are enthusiastic and have a genuine passion for what they’re teaching and there’s a real sense of positivity that radiates from Morley College. 

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