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Training and Courses visits Capel Manor

We always knew that visiting Capel Manor was always going to be exceptionally special.

Safeera Sarjoo
16th June 2016
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Known for their land-based courses in agriculture, animal management and horticulture, we were excited to walk the grounds, take in our surroundings and meet students on some of these courses.

The Enfield Campus is both welcoming and fully equipped with everything you would need to successfully undertake a course there. Our visit saw us exploring various parts of the campus, getting a sneak peek at classes in action, speaking to both tutors and students and being able to observe just how trusted students are to operate equipment and handle animals.

Capel Manor College extends beyond Enfield though. Other campuses around London includes Brooks Farm, Regents Park, Gunnersbury Park and Crystal Palace Park. 

What’s incredible about the array of courses at Capel Manor is that they prepare students for jobs that are sometimes overlooked, but nevertheless important to our environment. The School of Horticulture for example offers courses that can prepare students for careers in fields like landscape and garden design, garden construction and horticulture journalism.

The college boasts full time diplomas as well as short professional courses and one day workshops. It’s really exciting seeing how passionate students are about their studies and how comfortable they are to be hands on and show us what they know about their area of study.

Our favourite moment definitely involved meeting the array of animals and speaking to students who were more than happy to let us in to their world of study and share their future plans after studying at Capel Manor. The beauty of all of their aspirations was that they were all attainable – especially with Capel Manor providing a very strong foundation for progression. 

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