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Why online learning makes sense for millennials

According to research, millennials are predisposed to multitasking, using technology to take on multiple tasks and fulfil goals simultaneously.

Sydney Embray
08th June 2016
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Millennials grew up with the internet and are used to using technology in everyday life—and are more comfortable using it to connect and communicate with their peers.  If the baby boomers are technophobes, millennials are technophiles; if Gen X’ers are technology immigrants, millennials are technology natives.  It seems online learning was invented just for them, and maybe it was, in a way—online learning just makes sense for the super-generation. Here’s why.

Time to multitask

When you learn online, you make your own class time.  Online learning makes it possible for students to dedicate traditional class hours to other exploits, be they a full-time job, launching a start-up, starting a family, or taking university courses during the day. 

It’s, well... online

The first generation of ‘internet natives’, Millennials feel at home online.  The Internet is home to their social networks, their data storage, their entertainment, and their shopping.  It’s only natural that they feel so comfortable learning online as well, especially as online courses cater to their needs and likes.  Online courses use all kinds of millennial-friendly tools like live chat with students and tutors, video instruction, and 24-7 access from any device to personalise and mobilise the learning process. 

Instant feedback and gratification

Because assessment for online courses is in the same format as the course itself, students can take tests and complete assignments in real-time and receive instant feedback.  Quizzes and tests are often posed in a multiple-choice format where the correct answers appear after the student has locked in a guess, and short-answer or essay questions can be quickly graded and sent back with tutor feedback via linked data, message, or email. 


Because online learning eliminates the classroom element of courses, students have the luxury of immersing themselves totally in the information and instruction at their own pace.  Many students enjoy setting their own learning hours, as it not only frees up their time for other exploits (see point 1) but also gives them ownership over their learning and its outcomes.

They’re open to new ideas

The internet is a melting pot for innovation and development and according to Pew Research studies, millennials are very much open to change. This is evident to see through their adaptability with the release of new technologies and witnessing what their peers are doing through social media. With the virtual space also acting as a place for sharing and debate, online tutors have the perfect opportunity to encourage students to expand their minds.


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