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What subjects can you do an apprenticeship in?

You probably already know someone who has done or is doing an apprenticeship and you’ve probably from that got an idea of the kind of thing you can study.

Jade O'Donoghue
12th February 2016
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Hairdressing and construction-based subjects tend to come up a lot. If cutting hair or laying bricks isn’t really your thing though, is there an apprenticeship out there for you? Yes. Apprenticeships come in such a range of subjects there’s bound to be one that appeals to you. This list is by no means exhaustive but here are a few you might not have realised are out there...


New technology, new apprenticeships

As technology has evolved, so have apprenticeships. You can now study the likes of digital media as an apprentice and even some that focus purely on using social networks (yes, that means being on Facebook while you’re working!). Sounds too good to be true but with most businesses entering the digital zone, having skills in this area will prove vital.  

You can also now do an apprenticeship in software development, another subject that is increasing in popularity as technology evolves. You might learn how to make apps or computer programmes either for mainstream use or specific purposes. This can be a very lucrative industry to get into on finishing and jobs will be in abundance.


Not just a pretty face

Beauty and hairdressing are often obvious subjects people think of taking apprenticeships in but there are other options. An apprenticeship in salon management could be for you if you want to take things a bit further and get involved in the business side of things. Or, if it seems like everyone’s doing hairdressing and you want to branch out, go for a barbering apprenticeship and learn to cut and style men’s hair to perfection.


There’s more to construction

The construction industry boasts a huge range of apprenticeship options and many people who have made their career in it started out this way. Plumbing, carpentry and brick laying are the most common subjects people go for but there are more out there.

Joinery, not to be confused with carpentry, could be an option if you want to work in wood but would rather be working on more delicate furniture and fittings for houses in a workshop. Alternatively, doing an apprenticeship in scaffolding could be an option – you’ll learn how to construct it so that builders can access areas otherwise difficult to reach.


The great outdoors

Most courses you might think of will involve classroom time and apprenticeships are no different. If you want to combine this with what we think is probably the complete opposite arena for learning, do an outdoorsy apprenticeship. From sports turf management, where you gain skills in looking after the likes of a golf courses or football pitches; to agriculture, where you could be looking after livestock or learning how to cultivate crops.


Something a bit different

If none of the obvious tickle your fancy and you’re uninspired by the ones mentioned above, there are a whole host of apprenticeships you probably didn’t even know existed. For example, you could do sign making, where you learn to design and make signs for a whole host of occasions and needs – even making road signs.

Or, combine your passion for sport with earning a living and take an apprenticeship in sporting excellence where you can focus on a sport of your choice – in this example, golf or rowing! Then there are the likes of law, aircraft maintenance, boat building and even DJing!


Find an apprenticeship to suit you

While it’s true that there is a huge range of subjects you can do an apprenticeship in, it’s also true that some careers require a more academic background (teaching, for example) so it’s worth doing your research. If you simply like the idea of combining study with learning workplace skills and earning a wage though, it’s definitely worth having a browse. When you can do one in everything from law to plumbing, you really are spoilt for choice!

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