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What people have learned from taking a training course

The amount of opportunities to further your learning is widespread.

Safeera Sarjoo
04th July 2016
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Whether you want to progress in your current role or train for a completely new career, taking the initiative to take a training course shows employers that you’re determined and it helps your CV to shine.

We always talk about the benefits and the importance of taking a training course. However we wanted you to hear from people who have successfully completed a course to help further their career.

Raj Anand, Co-Founder and Director, Goodman Lantern

What training course did you do and why did you decide to take this course?
I enrolled for PMI-ACP (Project Management Institute's - Agile Certification Practitioner).

'Agile' is not only a buzz word in today's software development market but also a vital tool to deliver projects on time and to plan according to the ever-changing demands of clients. I have used Agile for several years but have always felt that I had holes in my knowledge. My aim is to use this more in other walks of life including market research in my current business, Goodman Lantern.

What did you learn from it?
Primarily, I have learned techniques, terminologies, and good practices in Agile methodology. The course is fantastic in terms of understanding the most successful ways to get buy-ins from clients, teams, and stakeholders. The course has helped me identify where I have been going wrong in my project management processes and how I can communicate that effectively with my teams. Overall, I have learnt a great deal by comparing Agile vs Waterfall (a more "traditional" approach). Another important advantage has been discovering ways to communicate progress and collect data on progress from teams effectively on a regular basis.

What impact has it had on your career?
The course has been fantastic as I have been able to implement what I have learnt to the Market Research and Content Development services offered by my business. I was impressed to see how most companies in our industry still use Waterfall. Although, with technological advances, clients require more transparency and touch-points to understand the progress made. PMI ACP has helped me bring this unique perspective of project management to the processes involved in research.

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Amy Jordan, Founder, Pop Content

What training course did you do and why did you decide to take this course?

I took a professional training course that covered skills like negotiation and presentations. I know I'm not a great public speaker, I’m sometimes a nervous wreck, and I wanted to tackle my weakness head on. It's such an important skill to have in any line of work and I thought it would help build my confidence too.

What did you learn from it?
I learned a better style of public speaking that worked much better for me and I gained a lot of confidence - I ended up with one of the best grades in my class, which was truly shocking! Learning a script off by heart is a terrible idea for me, my short term memory isn't good - but I am good at just talking to people in day to day conversations. In fact, I'm a big people person. I learned to simply use slides and notes as reminders of what I was going to talk about, rather than writing a script and attempting to learn it, and it helped so much. I was suddenly much more relaxed and able to just talk normally instead of shaking and itching to take my seat. Dare I say it - part of me actually started to enjoy it!

What impact has it had on your career?
I wouldn't say I'd jump at the chance to do presentations every day, but the confidence and security in knowing I can do it if I need to has helped tremendously. The skills I've learned helped me gain more confidence and now even help me in my day to day marketing of my own business. In fact, the skills the course gave me were probably a big factor in gaining the confidence to even start my own business, so it truly has had a huge effect on my career - and happiness! I use those same skills and confidence to record sales videos for my website - something I wouldn't even dream of trying if I hadn't taken that course.

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Tom Bourlet, Senior Digital Marketer, The Stag Company

What course did you do and why did you choose to do this course?
 I recently took a wireframe design course. I chose this course as I often had an image of how I wanted a site to appear, but other than drawing the page up on pencil and paper, I struggled to exemplify the image I was trying to portray for the website I was working on.

What did you learn from it?
I learnt how to use tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator to build wireframes. They educated me on making it highly functional, breaking it down into different sections and creating consistent templates.

What impact has it had on your career?
Now when working on a project for TheStagCompany, I can quickly build a wireframe, before heading into a meeting, to exemplify exactly how I want something to look on the site. This helps remove any confusion, as well as offering an image so they can imagine what the final copy would look like.

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