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Six courses to help boost your social media career

The social media job market is exploding, which is great news for anyone with a passion for helping businesses succeed online.

Sydney Embray
16th May 2016
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For digital natives, this news is even better, but it’s important to note that employers aren’t just looking for someone who’s comfortable navigating the world of social—they’re looking for people who can use social media as a creative platform for reaching new audiences and acquiring leads.  It takes more than experience with hashtags; there are a whole cocktail of skills involved in running a successful online and social strategy. 

Luckily, all it takes to get qualified are a few courses—and if you aren’t a digital native, a course can help you catch up and stay relevant.  We’ve collected six of the best skills to boost your social media career: check them out, take a course, and watch your job hits soar.

According to The Muse, 8 out of 10 small businesses use creativity to drive growth.  If you really want to pull away from the rest of the hiring pool, you’ll want to get some experience in creative roles like writing and aesthetic production.  As social platform popularity sways between text-based and image-based media, you can never go wrong with qualifications in the arts, be they language or visual.

Journalism, copywriting, and PR are three great courses to gain background in content creation.  Employers look for people who can create quality content on a consistent basis that helps boost their influence and strengthen their relationships with customers.  With qualifications or experience in writing you can help them fill these roles, so don’t be afraid to enrol in a course or two.

In addition to writing, aesthetics is another important factor in running a successful social campaign.  Much of the way social media and sales in general works are through visual communication.  

Without being engaged by quality images, viewers aren’t likely to participate in online discussion, spend time on the website, or make purchases.  Differentiate yourself to work in social media page design and graphics creation with a course in graphic design or web design

However, if you consider yourself more comfortable on the numbers end of things, you might be better off in a course on analytics, including training on PPC and SEO.  After all, what good is traffic-generating content if you can’t measure it?  With your knowledge of data analytics, Pay-Per-Click advertising, and Search Engine Optimisation you’ll be a valuable asset to any company running social media campaigns.


Yes, we said six—but even if none of these sound up your alley, you don’t have to resign yourself to an outdated CV.  Taking a course in social media marketing is a good way to stay up-to-date on new techniques, information, and current industry trends to keep you thinking ahead of the curve.


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