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Questions to ask yourself before taking a course

Choosing a training course can be quite a challenge especially if there are several within a particular subject focus.

Safeera Sarjoo
15th February 2016
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Their similarities can sometimes make it near impossible to make a decision and even after choosing you may be left wondering if you made the right choice.

Research is hugely important when it comes to picking the right course and while we will look for obvious factors like location and price, there are a number of other aspects that shouldn’t be neglected. 

Are you happy with the course content?

You may be about to shell out a hefty price for a course so you want to be absolutely sure that you’re happy with the course content. Is it covering subject areas that you have an interest in? Are the modules being taught relevant to what you’ll be applying in a working environment? Make as many enquiries about the content of your course and ensure that you are completely happy before committing.

What are you getting out of this course?

Will you be rewarded with a recognised qualification? What is this course’s standing within the industry? It’s important to understand the benefits of what you’re being taught and the overall experience being offered.

How is the class structured?

The structure of a course can be an incredibly important factor. Some of the most highly engaging and effective classes use a combination of methods to deliver a course. This can include readings, discussions and interactive lectures. Why is this important? Well not every student might fare well with mere readings from a textbook and prefer a more hands on approach. It’s important that courses are flexible in the way they engage and deliver lessons so students maintain an interest that is carried through to the very end.

How will this course help you professionally?

Understanding the significance of a course to your professional career should be one of the first things you think about. Will it aid you in your career progression or does it open up doors for a whole new arena? Are you likely to walk away with skills and knowledge that will work well within a leadership role? It’s always a good idea to think ahead and ascertain how a course can benefit you in the long run.

Do you have all the prior experience and qualifications in order to do this course?

As incredible as some courses look, you may be required to hold other qualifications in order to progress. A course may state that it’s for beginners; however you may need to hold GCSEs in particular subjects to gain entry. Check with the course providers before committing yourself.

What experience has the teacher/lecturer had?

The more experience a lecturer or teacher has had within the industry, the better. After the first class you should have an idea if they know their stuff and are able to hold your attention. Part of what makes a good teacher is their ability to engage and connect with students while presenting material in a clear, organised and coherent way. Enquire who will be running the course and do you own research ahead of enrolling. Where have they worked? What’s their specialism? These are all important details you should know about your course instructor.

What do reviews say?

Reviews are a good way to gauge how good – or bad – a course is. Have a read through these and don’t forget to have a read through reviews for the venue in which the course is set. It could be that the college you’re attending is well known for their high pass rates in particular subjects, or that a particular training provider may not be the best option for that course you had in mind. Weigh up the ratio of both good and bad reviews and let that help you when it comes to making a final decision.


Now that you know what to check before signing up to a course, why not get your search started on Training and Courses. Whether you’re looking for a career change or simply wanting to take your current career to the next stage, we’re confident you’ll find the right course or apprenticeship to suit your needs.  

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