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New Year, new you – invest in courses that will help you in the workplace

Your CV is a great tool to showcase the best professional version of yourself.

Safeera Sarjoo
15th February 2016
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Employers will no doubt scour through every detail and pick up on certain achievements that stretch beyond stellar GCSEs.

If one of your big resolutions for 2016 is changing the direction of your career make sure you can back up your decision with accomplishments that will make you stand out above other candidates. Passion for a particular job isn’t enough in this climate – competition can be fierce if it means securing your dream job.

Employers not only look for experience but also personality traits that can translate well within their company. Taking an additional course – or two – will demonstrate a strong sense of determination and focus which are two qualities that all employers appreciate.

Stuck on what you can do to make your CV stand out? Have a read of job descriptions to find out if there are any specific skills they require you to have. Alternatively, these courses, although general, are bound to come in handy in an array of roles.

Become a pro using Macs

Believe it or not, there are a number of people who don’t feel comfortable using a MAC. Yes there is a divide between Macintosh and Microsoft users, but having a proficiency in both means you’re unlimited to the equipment you use. If you’re a complete novice, then why not try a beginner’s course in using your MAC for business.

First Aid

Most companies should have a delegated individual who is qualified to give first aid. Becoming qualified could give you an edge as it shows that your skills go beyond a job role and extends to helping people within an organisation. Outside of work, you never know when you’ll need to apply these skills in social or personal situations. Choose from a number of First Aid courses on Training and Courses.

Public Speaking

If your ideal role consists of you taking centre stage and leading meetings, giving presentations or is heavy on the client facing front, the last thing you can afford to be is reluctant and shy. Courses in public speaking are offered at a number of colleges such as Barnet and Southgate and can help you overcome these fears and leave you feeling confident in your ability to hold and inform a crowd in both professional and personal settings.

Minute taking/shorthand

Both very useful if your role requires a lot of writing, shorthand is usually synonymous with journalists but is now applied in a number of roles. Training and Courses offer a number of shorthand courses that will definitely capture employer’s attention. At the same time, minute taking is a skill that a lot of people overlook but come to realise they may need when they start a new role. It’s not just secretarial jobs that require minute taking knowledge. With the right course in tow, anyone can walk in to a job with this skill.


Showing a proficiency in using other software that perhaps isn’t directly related to your role can leave a massively positive impression on hiring managers. For example, knowledge in Photoshop suggests that you have a creative flair and have other interests outside of work that may involve the use of this software.

Project Management

Being able to demonstrate a working knowledge of strategies and practices to see projects through to completion will help you when it comes to securing more responsibilities once in a role. Showing a passion and enthusiasm for taking charge of projects and bringing teams together can help your prospects and simultaneously builds your confidence too. Training and Courses list a number of project management courses which will help you excel in all areas of this particular facet of business.


If you’re set to progress on to a managerial role but are unsure of what goes into managing people and leading projects, the perhaps a course in leadership skills will help to iron out any kinks or concerns you have. You will also learn how to refine your decision making skills as well as managing team dynamics and learning how to effectively delegate in order to move projects and tasks along. Leadership courses have grown significantly in popularity and a number of colleges and institutions provide various levels depending on your prior experience.


So what are you waiting for? Get searching for courses that will sharpen your CV and get you that dream job in 2016. 

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