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Can you cut it?

Although Bugs Bunny and Sweeny Todd may make it look easy, barbering can be a tricky skill to get the hang of - but don't let that stop you.

Molly Longman
12th February 2016
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We don't often talk about hairdressing apprenticeships and training courses, but did you know there are options out there for guys too? From an NVQ to a City and Guilds, there are plenty of courses out there to get you qualified. Training and Courses offers tons of men's hairdressing and barbering training courses that will take you from Gillette novice to an expert with a razor. 


What are the main things I'll learn?

Every men's hairdressing or barbering course is different, but equally cutting edge. Literally. You'll learn everything from the hottest hair trends to shaving and cutting techniques to anatomy and physiology to professional ethics when taking one of these courses. You're guaranteed not to leave the classroom without a few transferable skills, you know, like creating the perfect soul patch.


What equipment will I need?

Most courses will provide you with your own razors and blades (probably a good thing not to be running around with a random blades and scissors in your pocket like a samurai/demon barber; it's also bad luck). However, it's always a good idea to check with your provider first, just to be on the safe side. It's also worth photographing your work as you go along - this can be good to refer back to when you start trying to cut it on your own. 


What will I gain?

You'll return home from most of these courses with a smile on your face, a diploma to hang on your fridge, the skills to practise on yourself and your friends and a professional qualification in the art of barbering. If you are planning on starting your own buisness, make sure you check out the qualifications you need beforehand.


Any good tips?

The worst mistake barber can make is leaving nasty razor bumps after a shave. The first step in avoiding this is to prepare the skin for a shave. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. 

Also, avoid Fleet Street.


Hardest thing to get the hang of?

Many people say the hardest part of all of this is overcoming the fear that you'll end up cutting someone or leaving them with an awful haircut. The best way to overcome this is to relax and trust yourself, also to do your research and keep up to date on the latest trends. 


Best bits?

A clean shave equals a clean life. Knowing you have the skills to sculpt the perfect beard at any time is also a huge confidence-booster. 


What can I do to prepare?

Practise at home on yourself in front of a mirror. You'll gain experience, always look sharp, and your significant other will probably thank you


Something to say to impress your tutor?

Blending should also be done in dry hair. When performing clipper work, go through three steps with each stroke.' Say this and sound like you've done your homework.

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