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How technology can help you with your training course

Let’s make no secret about it – technology has transformed the way we live and operate.

Safeera Sarjoo
15th February 2016
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Search hard enough and you will find an app that lets you make last minute dinner plans or check if clients have read your emails. Technology lends a much needed hand in most aspects of our lives and can be particularly useful when it comes to taking a training course. You may not realise it but the following features and functions that you use in other areas of your life could prove to be immensely useful when it comes organising yourself and staying on top of your course.


Set your Alarm

They are the bane of our lives but setting an alarm, especially if your training course or apprenticeship is fairly early in the morning, will help you stay punctual. Waking up early also allows you to fit in any exercise routine you have or even a hearty breakfast that will fuel you until lunch time.


Maps are useful for a number of reasons. In addition to helping you plan your route to your apprenticeship or training course, maps are great on-foot navigations if you find yourself struggling to pin point exactly where you have to go. They’re also a good snapshot of restaurants, eateries, shops and other services within the surrounding area.

Email folders

There is nothing worse than missing an important email thanks to the mountain of newsletters and mail outs you keep meaning to unsubscribe from. Create a folder within your mailbox to receive emails specifically from your training course provider. That way you won’t miss any information through email and can always keep an eye on specific mailboxes.


Calendars, whether on your phone or in a diary are a God send. It is probably one of the most crucial tools on every smart phone, tablet and desktop that isn’t always utilised to their full capability. With the ability to sync devices, calendars are ideal for managing that work-life balance. Block out time when you’re at your course or apprenticeship so you don’t double – or triple – book yourself and ensure that important dates like exams and course submission deadlines are stored to give you prior reminders.

Download productivity apps

Our smartphones are capable of so much so why not take advantage of them to help with organising your training and study time? Evernote is a great way to collate all your text notes, images, and reminders in one place and there are so many similar apps available. Productivity apps, if used properly, will help keep you organised and on top of your work load and task list.

Storage Drives

The beauty about storage drives is the way you can access your files across different devices. The work you do in your training course can be accessed at home for you to work on or even in a library or coffee shop if that’s where you’re able to focus the most. Storage drives like Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox are fantastic tools to help save work and pick up where you left off.


Throughout your course, communication is crucial. It’s important to feel like you’re able to ask questions and tutors have been utilising Skype as a way to touch base with students outside of the classroom. Whether you’re sending a quick instant message or organising a virtual meeting to track your progress, Skype is used around the world to connect international offices and businesses to clients. Why not utilise it to get the very best out of your apprenticeship and/or training course?

Social Media

Have you heard of the phrase ‘team work makes the dream work’? It’s such a common phrase used in business, however this is very much applicable within education. Group work can be quite stressful so staying connected through social media will make this element of a course easier. Creating groups either on Facebook or Whatsapp also helps to build relationships with those on your course.

News apps

Staying abreast of current affairs as well as what is happening in the sector you’re specialising in will help you beyond the classroom in the real world when it comes to implementing your knowledge and skills you have acquired through your training course. If your course is particularly hands on, then having a strong theoretical knowledge to compensate will stand you in excellent stead. Download popular news apps or news filtering apps like Flipboard, which allows you to personalise the type of content you’re shown on a daily basis.

Now that you have technological tools that can help you get ahead of the crowd, start your search for your ideal course or apprenticeship on Training and Courses today. 

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