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How taking a training course can benefit your wellbeing

Did you know that taking a training course can do wonders for your wellbeing?

Safeera Sarjoo
12th February 2016
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It’s not just all about classrooms, exams and monotonous hand outs. Taking a training course can trigger a surge of health benefits, which you will be reaping long after you finish with your qualification in hand. Don’t believe us? Read on and see the wealth of benefits waiting for you.

1. Happiness

Yes, you read right. Taking a training course can boost a person’s happiness. Learning new skills and feeling a sense of achievement when completing a course can result in the body’s natural production of dopamine. A boost in happiness can also have an impact on longevity adding approximately 9 years to your life. Within the work place, happy employees are more likely to persist at less appealing tasks and are much more attentive and systematic. 

2. You gain self-direction

Learning something new and understanding how it fits into your work and/or personal life can be hugely rewarding. Taking a training course that you’re passionate about can help bring clarity and give you focus on where you see yourself in years to come and help to refine your personal and professional aspirations. For example, a marketing course to help further your progression in a current role could help you come to the realisation that you wish to hone in on a particular area within the sector.

3. Wards off cognitive conditions

The process of learning helps to stimulate the brain and sharpen your mind and memory as you become exposed to new information. This can have a knock on effect and benefit you in the long run by warding off conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. You don’t even have to take on an intensive course. Learning something new in one area can have a ripple effect and help prolong your cognitive abilities.

4. Confidence

Though it may seem daunting taking on a new training course, building your knowledge and skill set can have a direct impact on your confidence levels, which works hand in hand with your health. By taking a training course, you are already directing your mental energy towards a positive channel. Building your confidence leaves little time to worry about things that are out of your control. By asserting your newfound knowledge and achieving attainable goals, you reinforce your motivation and keep stress-related conditions at bay such as insomnia, muscle tension and gastrointestinal problems.  

5. Personal development

Training is not just for the benefit of your employers. Remember that with every opportunity to learn comes the chance to work on your own self improvement. Take the time to reflect on how far you have come and let that build more personal aspects about yourself like your character, interests, beliefs and capabilities.   

6. Uncovering potential

Training courses are a bit like treasure chests. You never know what you’re going to unlock and discover. Some may realise they have a deep rooted passion for a particular area within their job, or that they possess practical leadership skills and come out of training courses ready for new responsibilities and challenges. Unlocking this potential can lead to career progression and increased productivity.

7.Relationship building

In addition to furthering your personal and professional developments, taking a training course can also work wonders for your relationships. Acquiring new knowledge places you in the perfect position to educate others. This also forms the perfect foundation where you can build on peer-to-peer connections and relationships across a range of levels from mid-level management to directors.


Who knew a training course could pack so many benefits that extend far beyond the work place? Training and Courses offers thousands of courses across a wide range of sectors.  Start your search today and further both your career and your wellbeing.

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