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The hairdressing heavyweights who started as apprentices

A good hairdresser is like gold dust. Not only do they have a way of making us look flawless with a basic trim, they have the ability to make clients feel like A-list celebrities.

Safeera Sarjoo
12th February 2016
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A lot of trust is placed in hairdressers, particularly where a major hair transformation is concerned. I would have never taken that leap of faith from jet black to honey ombre if it wasn't for my hairdresser's patience, knowledge and enthusiasm.

Hairdressers aren't just confined to a salon though. Many have branched out to establish their take on the ultimate hair experience through self titled salons, styling products and hair care items. For a select few, they are even firm fixtures within celebrity entourages.

However you envision your hairdressing career panning out, the common thread among some of the world's most renowned hairdressers is that they all started out as apprentices. In fact, apprenticeships are still hugely relevant today when it comes to getting a foot in the door.

Feeling inspired? Read how three huge names within the hairdressing world started their careers.

Charles Worthington

One of today's most respected and influential hairdressers, Charles Worthington started his career as an apprentice in London at a salon group called Robert Fieldings. He then went on to work for Stage Door, another salon group, for many years. Following this, he opened up his very first salon in Charlotte Street in 1968 with his sister on reception and one other stylist.

The Charles Worthington brand has evolved in leaps and bounds throughout the years and is now an influential name in hairdressing with salons across London and New York.

When asked about the importance of hairdressing apprenticeships, Charles Worthington MBE told Training and Courses that 'An apprenticeship is by far the best way to learn the complete skill set required to become a great hairdresser. Working alongside a team of professionals and interfacing with clients on a daily basis both prepares and equips you for an exciting and rewarding career in hairdressing.'

Charles' passion for hairdressing has led to a fruitful career in TV, fashion and the red carpet. He is also the author of four books and prides himself on providing clients with an exceptional hair experience on every single visit.

Vidal Sassoon

After a difficult upbringing, Vidal started his hairdressing career as an apprentice first at a salon owned by Adolph Cohen based in Whitechapel. However it was under Raymond Bessone, that Vidal began to fall in love with the art of hairdressing. In his autobiography he credits his success to Bessone saying, 'He really taught me how to cut hair - just a small pair of shears and clever little wrist movements. I'd never have achieved what I have without him.'

Vidal was determined to establish his own approach and soon began establishing signature cuts and styles including the geometric perm and the infamous 'Nancy Kwan' cut. He then introduced his own line of products in 1973, which still line the shelves in supermarkets and drug stores today.

Tabatha Coffey

With an industry dominated with famous male hairdressers, Tabatha has broken out as a formidable female figure within the sector starting her career as an assistant in a local hair salon in her native Australia. She then enrolled on a four year apprenticeship program to learn more.

She opened her own salon where unlike hairdressers specialising in a particular look, she created transformative hairstyles unique to all her clients. Rather than venture into the world of salon products, she instead entered herself into a reality series on Bravo called Shear Genius. A firm fan favourite, Tabatha's reputation has grown to the point where she now uses her expertise in hairdressing and business in her own show Tabatha Takes Over in order to help flagging businesses across the country.


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