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Five ways training courses can boost your employability

A lot of people associate training courses with employment and as a way of furthering your knowledge relating to your job and/or the company you work for.

Safeera Sarjoo
15th February 2016
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However taking a training course while you’re job hunting could pip you to the interview stages or even secure you the job without you realising it.

If you’re considering the prospect of enrolling on a training or professional course, remember these five benefits you’ll be gaining when you sign up.


You’ll be gaining additional knowledge
It’s one thing to further your knowledge about a very specific job role, but broadening your knowledge about an industry instantly makes you more valuable. Employers love it when candidates show a wider understanding of the sector. It means they haven’t crammed their memory with all the corporate copy found on their website.


You’ll gain confidence

The way in which training courses are taught has changed dramatically. While some of them stick to the traditional classroom structure, others help to build your knowledge and your confidence by developing activities and changing the learning environment. Interacting with other people in this way helps to bring the shyest of personalities out of their shell a little.
If this is something you truly struggle with, why not try a confidence building course? Employers appreciate efforts to better your own personal development.


Exposure to professionals
Use the opportunity of taking a training course to build connections with professionals. Take an active interest in the work they do and stay in touch through professional social networks like LinkedIn. Expanding your network of relevant contacts can come in handy when you least expect it.


Shows determination

Taking an additional training course and noting this on your CV will show employers that you are proactive and determined to be the very best you can be within your industry. Investing in employees is something most employers try and do, but seeing that a candidate knows where they perhaps are lacking and taking those steps to change that warrants a huge amount of respect.


Future prospects
Taking a training course, whether it’s in a specialist subject relating to your job or in a subject desired by your employers, could place you two steps ahead and boost your promotional prospects. The key is thinking ahead and anticipating what course will be most helpful to you in your job. Whether it’s a refresher course in Photoshop or a one-day seminar in Minute Taking, taking a training course can equip you for progression without you even realising it.


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