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Five unusual courses you can take online

We have scoured the internet and have found the following courses that break the mould.

Sydney Embray
22nd April 2016
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When you hear the words “online course”, like me, you may be transported back to your days of taking English Literature exams on the school library desktop or doing your theory test—not necessarily pleasant experiences.  However, the world of online learning has both changed and expanded not only to improve user experience, but also to include some unique and interesting subjects.  Whether you are looking for an updated way to earn additional qualifications or want to dive into a new profession, here are five truly unique courses to help you achieve your goals—the online way.

App Development

It may not turn you into Mark Zuckerberg overnight, but a course in application development is a great way to gain technology experience without earning yourself a reputation as “that computer guy/girl”.  App development is an increasingly applicable skill, as employers everywhere are looking for people who can help take their business or organisation to the fingertips of consumers.  An online course and qualification in this area not only gives you the opportunity to take on new projects or jobs but also gives you the flexibility to learn on your own time and terms, making it a perfect fit for employees looking to diversify themselves.


Buzz, buzz—that’s your phone reminding you to log into your online beekeeping course.  Though it sounds strange, there are loads of animal sciences and agricultural courses available online with professional qualifications attached to them.  Keeping animals is a great way to earn an income or start a new business, and if you have an entrepreneurial interest and a love for working with animals but lack hands-on availability, an online course is a great way to learn the ropes.  Beekeeping is a popular choice, so what could be sweeter than learning a one of a kind skill?  Honey, that’s what. 

Computer Hacking

You read that correctly.  Ethical computer hacking is extremely important to companies of all kinds, from those that work with confidential information to software developers to databases.  Hackers (the good kind) help to find weak spots in firewalls that criminals might try to break through, build back doors in code to make sure the right people can get in and out should the system corrupt or become locked, and search out broken or weak code in the digital infrastructure.  Sound technical?  It is—but with an online course in ethical computer hacking, you’ll be able to make sense of it all and add this valuable skill to your CV.


The only green thumb you’ll need are the ones you use to type.  Online courses in botany cover the biology of plants as well as how to raise them to their full potential, and thanks to the online aspect, you won’t even have to get your hands dirty or wait for spring.  This course opens the door to other career opportunities including entrepreneurship and advancement if you’re currently involved in horticulture.  Taking the scientific approach to gardening—this is one online course you won’t want to pass up.


Even though it’s a ’hands-on’ industry, there’s nothing stopping you from learning online—a course in manicure and pedicures will give you the skills to break into the beauty sector.  If you are passionate about helping others look and feel their best, this might just be the job for you. The beauty of taking an online course however is you don’t have to close up shop on your current interests to try it out.  Online courses let you dip your toes before jumping in with both feet.  Getting a hands-on qualification has never been easier.


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