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Extraordinary careers within the STEM industries

Did you know that working within the STEM industry is much more than being a doctor, scientist and mathematician?

Safeera Sarjoo
15th February 2016
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Stereotypical views of these industries can sometimes dissuade people away from a career that they are more than capable of succeeding in.

In recent times there has been a surge of action looking to change the tide towards the STEM industries. Subject days and workshops held by colleges up and down the UK as well as organisations working to hold events that bring students face to face with opportunities that lie within the STEM sectors are excellent ways of creating effective exposure.

It has even been suggested in the US that an introduction to STEM subjects and industries should start as early as elementary school in order to solidify attitudes towards these subjects. Studies carried out in the US have shown that if there is an expectation of having a career within this sector then students are likely to complete a degree or further studies within that field.

At Training and Courses we were blown away with the spectrum of occupations that are available. We could go on and on about how lucrative these industries are and what policies and changes need to be made. But we’re not going to do that. Instead, to show you its diversity, we’ve listed seven extraordinary jobs you can do within the STEM industry.

Professional Hacker

This is one job role we never thought we would see. A professional hacker is paid to test the security system at all types of workplaces, from small businesses to multinational corporations. Their job is to expose a company’s vulnerabilities and prevent potential data breaches. Upon finding these loopholes that pose a threat, their findings are then presented to executives who then take the decision on how to enhance their security from future attacks.

Skate park engineer

Believe it or not, there are designers behind all skate parks you see within your community. In order for skate boarders to get the very best experience, engineers are crucial when it comes to strategically designing slopes and curves within a skate park. Without them skaters wouldn’t be able to perfect their kickflips.

Food and Flavour Chemist

If you love food and science then a career as a food and flavour chemist, or a flavourist, could be the ideal role for you. Flavourists enhance natural food flavours and create new flavours using scientific applications and supply products to companies that require flavour additives for their goods.

Storm Tracker

Storm trackers or atmospheric scientists are more than people who chase storms for an adrenaline rush. They are interested in different types of weather phenomena and focus on the science of storms by gathering data on severe weather occurrences such as hurricanes, tornadoes and thunderstorms. By tracking these storms you will be able to monitor their strength and assess the damage done once they have passed as well as be in a position to issue public warnings.

 Underwater Archaeologist

As the title suggests underwater archaeologists apply their knowledge in nautical archaeology as well as the study of historic or prehistoric ships. They generally use the same research and field methods as other archaeologists; however their work requires them to use special equipment and tools.

This exciting role may also involve the exploration of sunken harbours and docks, coastal towns, cities and dwellings that are now located underwater.

Wildlife Rehabilitator

If you love working directly with animals then this role is perfect for you. Wildlife rehabilitators nurse sick and injured animals back to health and prepare them to be released back into the wild. You may work with a diverse range of animals or a specific group, but either way this role is very hands and involves an array of responsibilities.


This is actually a growing occupation where females are thriving in within the STEM industry. Epidemiologists study the causes of diseases in order to prevent them from spreading or recurring. In order to become an epidemiologist, you will need a postgraduate qualification in epidemiology or a related subject.   


We were astounded with how many cool occupations there are out there within the STEM sectors. Feeling inspired and ready to pursue an exciting role? Get the ball rolling and have a look at some of our STEM courses

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