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Booking training for others – a guide for HR managers

Good training is at the core of every company and keeping employees' skills up to date is vital to the success of a business in a competitive world.

Jade O'Donoghue
12th February 2016
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If you're the person in charge of booking it though, that's a big responsibility and there are lots of things to take into account. Here we've come up with a number of things you should be thinking about when booking training for other people. Listen up HR managers! Some of these tips you might already know, but there might be a few on here that can save you and your company time, money and hassle…


1. Check the price

This has got to be one of the most important things to do when booking training that the business is going to be paying for.  Make sure it fits within the budget of the employee you’re booking for - whether that's ensuring you're not going over the budget allocated to training within their team, or whether it's analysing how 'worth it' the course is for the value they bring. What we mean by that, is it's unlikely to be cost effective to fork out thousands on a course for a junior new starter. Make sure the price is affordable and that you're getting value for money.


2.  Make sure you know when the attendee is free

There's no point booking them onto a course on a day they’re going to be in meetings back to back and it will reflect badly on your company if you book a place for someone who doesn't turn up.


3. Find out about food

It’s one of the biggest questions course attendees ask of all day courses, ‘Will I get lunch?’ Many of the shorter training courses that might last only a few days do offer food so find this out when you're booking.


4. Ensure the person taking the course knows where and when it is going to be held

Otherwise you'll be approving that £30 taxi ride expense at the end of the month!


5. Pass on any pre-course material

If you book it using your own email address, the chances are some joining instructions or notes may be sent there that your colleague needs to see. Make sure you forward everything on to the person taking the course as there's nothing worse than arriving in the classroom only to discover you're not prepared.


6. Compare!

Don’t just go with the first course provider you find in a search – compare everything, from venue to price to ensure you pick the best one. You're already in the best place to do that!


7. Confirm which qualifications (if any) are awarded

If someone high up has requested an employee take this course it might be that they expect them to come back with some qualifications to their name. Read the course description carefully as it should indicate whether any qualifications are awarded and whether attendees have to complete any exams in order to obtain them.


8. Have all the relevant people approved this?

Sometimes it’s not just a case of the person taking the course coming to you and saying ‘I want to do this course’, you also have to get manager approval and sometimes from finance too. Check the processes for your company but make sure you've got the go ahead from someone higher up if in doubt.


9. Find out what the attendee will do with the course afterwards and get their review for future

This is more something to do after booking the course as opposed to when booking but we thought we'd put it in as it becomes important for the next time you're ask to book training. Find out what the attendee thought of the course, how useful it was and how they will now apply what they've learnt. Ask what the tutor was like and the facilities available. Note this stuff down if you can so that when someone asks for a similar course you can inform them what to expect and make a confident decision about whether that training provider is worth going back to.


Hope that helps! If you're looking for specific training right now, we've got just the place to start. Head to our 'Get a quote' page where you can enter all your requirements and we'll try and find a course provider to suit them. Best of luck!

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