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Could the tide be turning for apprenticeships?

A new study reveals a shift in attitudes just as the new London Apprenticeship Training Group is launched.

Safeera Sarjoo
16th December 2016
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We’ve been advocating this for a while now. Apprenticeships have been overlooked for far too long with parents having a particularly negative view of these programmes.

According to a new study by Prudential however this is slowly changing. Approximately 51% of parents disagree with the notion that graduates are more likely to climb the ladder faster than apprentices. Meanwhile the same proportion also disagreed that apprenticeships are best suited to those deemed non-academic.

This is definitely welcoming news considering the overall attitude was that apprenticeships were for under achievers. The fact that parents are seeing beyond that and understand that apprenticeships are possibly a suitable alternative to even the most accomplished of students is a huge step in the right direction.

There are still however some areas where parents feel apprenticeships are lagging. According to City AM reporting these results, ‘Over two-thirds (67 per cent) of the parents questioned believed apprenticeship roles are poorly paid, while just under half (43 per cent) felt apprenticeship opportunities are often in low-skilled, low-paid professions.’

So whilst they are becoming open to the possibility of their children taking up an apprenticeship, it’s imperative that there are enough opportunities that really build on their knowledge and where they are valued in the form of remuneration.

The timing of these results comes just as the new London Apprenticeship Training Group has been formed between Barnet and Southgate College, the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London, Hertford Regional College and Waltham Forest College.

The purpose of this group as explained by FE News, ‘aims to support large and small businesses through the recent apprenticeship reform and apprenticeships’ levy, ensuring employers find the right apprentice with the skills to fit their business needs.’

Further research from the National Apprenticeships Services has revealed that 80% of those who employ apprentices agree that ‘they make the workplace more productive and that apprentices are loyal and hardworking.’

FE News also reports that 83% of businesses that employ apprentices rely on their apprenticeships to provide them with the skilled workers they’ll need for the future.

Improving the range of opportunities and experience apprentices attain when on these programmes will no doubt help with retention rates and equip businesses with an ideal workforce. Coupled with the improving attitudes of parents towards apprenticeships, there’s every possibility that more and more students will opt for this route of study.  

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