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See where an apprenticeship can take you this National Apprenticeship Week

The number of apprenticeship opportunities continues to grow.

Safeera Sarjoo
22nd March 2016
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National Apprenticeship Week’s theme for 2016 will look at how ‘an apprenticeship can take you anywhere’ – a theme we absolutely love here at Training and Courses.

Various industries have opened their doors up to the idea of promoting apprenticeships as an option for students who aren’t sold on the idea of university. In some ways, apprenticeships offer elements that universities don’t – earning whilst you learn, the practical experience which is crucial to some industries and hands on guidance from mentors who have worked within the industry for years.

All of these aspects mean that apprentices are likely to stay in employment even after they have completed their study programme.

As National Apprenticeship Week is upon us, we thought it was only right to reiterate the benefits of choosing to take an apprenticeship and also provide some insight into just how fruitful opportunities are. 

If you think an apprenticeship may be the educational route best suited to you, why not start your search on Training and Courses and see where an apprenticeship can take you?

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