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Five misconceptions people have about training courses

There’s no secret that taking a training course involves time and money.

Safeera Sarjoo
12th February 2016
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Some people enjoy stepping into a classroom to further their skills and knowledge, while others are a bit more sceptical and have developed misconceptions about training courses. We have picked and dispelled five common misconceptions people have about training courses, which means you have no reason not to sign up for a course that can aid your career progression. 

1. It’s for people that aren’t good at their jobs

Some employees assume that those who are not doing a good job are made to take courses but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, going on a training course expands on your working knowledge, which dispels the idea that only underachievers are made to go on courses.

2. You don’t see any returns

Employers may feel like they’re wasting staff time and resources on organising training when they can’t see instant returns. However giving your workforce the chance to take additional training helps their development over time. When people notice that you’re taking an interest in their progression, it fuels their determination to give something back. This is where your returns come into play.

3. It’s not as important as an apprenticeship or degree.

Training courses can instantaneously prepare you for a particular job role without having to study intensely for several years. The convenience of fitting a training course into your life as well as being awarded qualifications that are recognised within the work place makes them equally relevant to your progression.

4. The tutor won’t have relevant experience

Tutors with relevant experience don’t just teach in schools and universities. In order to reach more students and develop their credentials within a certain area, they hold training courses for corporations and people outside of normal working hours.

5. It’s too expensive

If you have to fund your own training course, it’s normal to feel as though this will be a huge expense you probably can’t shoulder. You’ll be surprised at how some courses vary in price. The secret is to shop around and remember that the best courses aren’t always the most expensive ones.

Now that we’ve cleared up potential pitfalls, start your search for your ideal course on Training and Courses today.


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