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Asda commits to improving apprenticeships

The supermarket has pledged to make apprenticeships better and provide further equal opportunities.

Safeera Sarjoo
28th July 2016
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Asda has been a big player when it comes to offering apprenticeships and creating opportunities for people from all walks of life.

But now the retailer has signed a pledge with the Young Women’s Trust committing itself to help women apprentices and make their overall programmes better. The Young Women’s Trust aims to support women aged 16-30 who are struggling to live on low or no pay.

By signing this pledge, Asda is committing itself to joining a growing campaign involving top UK businesses who want to make apprenticeships work for young women. In addition to this they will be invited to take part in seminars and workshops where they will learn and share best practice and gain insight into the work other organisations are doing.

They will also be able to contribute to a progress report in March 2017 which highlights good practice as well as any obstacles that employers are facing.

Dr Carole Easton, the chief executive for the Young Women’s Trust said: ‘Asda already has a formidable reputation as an inclusive employer with an excellent apprenticeship programme. It is encouraging to see that they are committed to doing so much more.’

According to stats reported on Retail Gazette, since Asda’s apprenticeship programme was established back in 2013, nearly 5,000 learners have completed it, while 2,064 are currently engaged in their apprenticeship. The programme is offered in a variety of areas such as administration, home shopping, retail management and supply.

Establishing three million apprenticeships has been a key focus within the education sector and one of the main discussion points has been ensuring that we have a good amount of higher level apprenticeships so people taking these programmes have a fair chance of achieving the same height of education that any graduates would.

One aspect that hasn’t been really discussed is whether enough opportunities are being created that is inclusive of women and people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Asda follows in the footsteps of Barlcays who have also signed this pledge with the Young Women’s Trust.

This way, women who are struggling to make ends meet, have the chance to broaden their abilities and knowledge through practical, hands on experience, which not only gives them vital retail and client focused experience, but gives them a helping hand in getting a foot in to employment that properly compensates them.

As a company that advocates for lifelong learning, we know that this move by Asda is significant in terms of improving certain societal issues such as poverty and workplace discrimination. We’re thrilled that partnerships like this one with the Young Women’s Trust. Not only does it show large corporations taking an active interest in vulnerable groups of people within our society, but it serves as a message to other big names to step forward and pledge their commitment through educational and practical schemes like apprenticeships which can help people out of tough situations.

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