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Guest Post: Top five ways to find freelance work

Brand - tick. List of services - tick. Pricing - tick. You're now ready to find work.

Matt Dowling
12th February 2016
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The most challenging aspect of running a freelance business is undoubtedly finding freelance work. There are many avenues you can take when you become a freelancer and you'll only learn what works for you and what doesn't through trial and error. It's never been a better time for freelancers with more sectors opening their doors and embracing this demographic of workers. Not only is it cost effective for a business that may only require temporary services, but they direct attention to a whole new pool of people with the precise talent and experience they require. Whether you've had some experience or are completely new to freelancing, take a look at our top five ways to find freelance work and see what floats your boat.


1. W.O.M

The most powerful way to pick up work is also the oldest trick in the book - word of mouth. A recommendation is a powerful thing. A good recommendation usually starts with friends or family and continues as you work on on every job. By providing an exceptional service you'll have clients recommend you to others. Keep the phrase 'under promise, over deliver ' in mind. Go above and beyond to offer a memorable service. Ways to encourage word of mouth include: asking your clients to recommend you and even write a short testimonial which you can use to promote your business. Don't be shy to let them know that you’re taking bookings and perhaps offer an incentive such as money off to recommenders.


2. Advertising

This method is a simple process of ROI (return on investment). How much was the advert versus how much did you earn as a direct result from the advert? If it makes sense to your business then do it again. We've found offline advertising to be less and less effective but you never know what will work until you try. Start small and find your audience.


3. Networking events

Not just for making contacts, networking events are awesome for landing jobs. We're always amazed at the type of brands, businesses and freelancers we meet at networking events. Opportunities are out there so get searching and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.


4. Social

The go to space for most start-ups, social media can be an effective tool and contrary to what you read, you don't need thousands of followers in order to secure work. A smaller amount of engaged followers is far more valuable than thousands that don't connect with your business. Try out Twitter's advanced search to see if anyone needs your service in your area. You can even save your search so it filters into your feed (Tweetdeck is great for this) and all you have to do is look at your app a few times a day.


5. Job Boards

When starting your freelance career job boards can be a quick and easy way to find new clients. At The Freelancer Club we add new paid jobs every day. Set your job alerts to suit your needs and we'll alert you when new job comes in.


Whether you've had some experience or are completely new to freelancing, set up your freelancer profile free today and apply to jobs for seven days at no charge.

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