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Uni’s not for me – a reintroduction

The society may be undergoing a rebrand, but they’re still passionate about helping people find their ideal path.

Bekah Leonard
14th April 2016
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We’ve been lucky enough to be partnered with Training and Courses for a good few months now, and we feel like we’ve gotten to know you pretty well. But, since our first meeting, a lot has changed at UNFM HQ and we think we’re long overdue a catch up.

When Uni’s not for me first launched, we had one mission – to spread the word about the alternatives to university. Over the last few years, this has evolved to become much more. As well as informing young people about all of their options after school, we also have a fast growing community of school leavers. These bright, ambitious, young people can offer each other the support and social life they don’t want to miss out on as a result of opting out of university. We’ve begun organising events and workshops for people either unsure about their career path, who are already in work or a school leaver scheme as part of our UNFM Society. To find out more, click here to watch our official launch video.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with our brilliant team to create a website that we feel represents both our company and our community. Waving goodbye to our current logo and orange theme, we’re excited to be unveiling our shiny new brand to you in the upcoming weeks!

Training and Courses have regularly featured in our monthly e-magazine, Alternative Ambitions, so you may be familiar with it. We send it out to schools across the country and it’s packed full of informative, interesting articles about all the alternatives to higher education. To go along with our new site, we’ve given our e-zine a bit of a make-over too. From now on, Alternative Ambitions will be sent out once a week, with better content than ever before going straight to your inbox.

UNFM may have a new look, but we still remain the place to go if you’re unsure about what to do after school. Maybe university is the right route for you, maybe an apprenticeship, maybe one of the brilliant courses you see on Training and Courses. Whatever you want to do, we still pride ourselves on providing you with as much information and support you need to make an informed decision about you’re future.

To refresh your memory, here’s a brief description of all the alternatives available to you after school.


Apprenticeships are certainly on the rise, with more young people interested in earning and learning than ever before. Apprenticeships are available in all sorts of areas and are a great way to gain a qualification while getting hands on experience as well as a wage.

School Leaver programmes

There are now School Leaver programmes in all business sectors, from technical, commercial to creative. They are generally with FTSE 100 leading employers who offer great training programmes and pay good starting salaries.


Internships are a great way to build up your experience in the work place and build your knowledge. They look brilliant on your CV and employment opportunities may arise through them.

Work experience

Experiencing a potential career for a few weeks is the perfect way to decide whether or not it’s suited to you. Whether it helps you decide what you want to study or whether you want to study at all, if you can get a couple of weeks in a specific field of your choice, it’ll definitely be worth it.

University technical colleges

UTC’s are government-funded schools that offer 14–18 year olds more than traditional schools. They teach students technical and scientific subjects in a much more hands-on, practical way. Perfect for the inventors, engineers, scientists and technicians of tomorrow.

Career colleges

Career colleges are designed to combine vocational and academic subjects to help students be as employable as possible. Not only do they offer practical and vocational classes, but they also give young people the chance to learn through valuable work experience too.


While colleges are widely known for A-levels, they also offer more vocational and alternative options such as BTECs and Diplomas. It’s always worth investigating the range of qualifications they offer.


NVQ’s test your ability to work in the work place. They’re extremely hands on and are a great way to build your knowledge and prepare you for your future career, as well as giving you a great qualification by the end of it.

Straight to work

For some people, education just isn’t for them. Instead, it’s time for them to get into the big wide world of work. Although full time work at a young age may seem daunting, it can be incredibly rewarding to get a head start while others are still studying or figuring out their ideal career path.

Gap Year

Gap years are an extremely popular choice among young people after college. They give you the chance to spend a year away from education, freeing you up for travel, work experience, research and deciding where you want to go next.


With an abundance of options, students can be assured that there are alternative routes to the career of their choice.

So keep an eye out, there are some exciting things coming over the next few weeks and we’d love for you to be a part of it. 

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