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Guest Post: Bad work habits and how to bust them

So you’ve just started a new job, and want to make a good impression.

Bekah Leonard
15th February 2016
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Alternatively, maybe you’ve been there for a while and have noticed all the bad habits you’ve been picking up. Either way, do not think these little tendencies won’t go un-noticed by the big boss. We’re going to tell you some of the worse work habits and how to bust them, before they become too noticeable.

Social media

It’s a huge part of our daily lives, and it becomes a case of muscle memory after spending a few days routinely checking Facebook at home. When you’re at work, it’s easy to forget where you are and open up a Facebook tab. But you’d be lying if you said this doesn’t distract you or effect how much you get done.

This is what your lunch break is made for. You get to take an hour or so out of the day to catch up with the outside world. You can allow yourself breaks for tea and coffee throughout the day too, so you can quickly check your notifications and reply to any messages however save the tweeting for when you’re not on duty.

Punctuality… of lack thereof

You will have a set time to start and finish work, including a lunch break. I suppose the point here, is respect these times. While it might be tempting to push these times to their absolute limits, this hardly shows the hard-working attitude your boss will be looking for. The best way to bust this habit is to think of these times as when you have to be working by rather than when you should begin thinking about getting ready to prepare to start work.

If your official hours are nine to five, arrive before nine and be ready to work by the time your official hours start. Don’t start packing up and subtly trying to edge your coat on at 4.45pm if you finish at five - you’re expected to work until then! The final thing is to not take advantage of your lunch break. Any time you’re away from your work should be included, so yes - getting your lunch ready is part of your break. The timer doesn’t start when you take your first bite!


Let’s be honest with ourselves here – there are very few people who don’t have negative thoughts about their job on a regular basis. Weekly grumbles to yourself is allowed – of course it is! You’re human after all. However, there does come a point where you have to take a step back and check your attitude. Are you feeling negative all the time? Have you let it show outside of your own thoughts? Consider if the problem is your job, those around you, or if it is actually just your own negative attitude and try to rein it in before it gets noticed.


When you’ve gotten yourself into the routine or sitting quietly out of the way, it can start having a negative effect on your confidence. If a couple of weeks have gone by and you’ve not had to do much in any meetings you might find yourself subtly growing less confident when you do need to speak up or lead on a task. Difficulty in looking into someone’s eyes when you’re speaking to them is a big sign that your confidence might be dwindling.

Build this back up through small but effective actions; Make more conversation with people on breaks, ask for people’s opinions on your work. Make sure your day is full of human contact so you don’t begin to feel isolated and nervous when you do need to address someone.


Alcohol at work is most definitely a bad habit. But that’s not where I’m going with this. I’m talking about water – you need a lot of it. How much do you drink in a day? If it isn’t over two litres, you have a problem. Not drinking enough water has a long list of consequences which includes,

  • Dizziness
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Confusion
  • Irritability

And that’s just a few! I’m sure I don’t need to spell out how this can affect you in the work place, but the less you drink the more it’ll show in the work you’re producing. When it comes to symptoms like irritability, your boss won’t know that it’s because you’ve not been drinking enough and this will reflect poorly on you. To bust this bad habit, we’re not going to simply say ‘drink more water’ because at times this is easier said than done. If you’re snowed under with work, this isn’t something that will naturally be at the top of your list. Why not set an hourly alarm and take a couple of minutes to drink a couple of glasses of water and resume work. In the long run this will become a natural habit and you will notice a change in your productivity.

Keep your eyes peeled in the next couple of months as our new website is revealed, it’ll be full of helpful tips on how to be completely awesome in the workplace! Visit to find out more.

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