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What you can gain from a leadership training course

Did you know that 80% of organisations would be carrying out leadership development activities in the next 12 months?

Safeera Sarjoo
21st June 2016
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This was revealed in a 2015 Learning and Development Survey, which also showed that even though organisations with more than 250 employees were likely to carry out these activities and nurture talent, a shocking one in ten businesses would not be doing so. 

We're quite shocked at this statistic as offering training and recognising talent is a sure fire way to boost employee productivity and retention. Training offered by companies shows that they're committed to supporting employees which boosts morale and has an overall positive effect.

We've counted down a few more reasons why leadership training is important and useful for any business. 

Strengthens relationships

One of the most important things leaders need to recognise is that people are at the centre of all of their efforts. You cannot lead people unless you understand them, which is why a training course gives you the opportunity to learn how to build relationships and create strong communities within your business. One of the most important relationships in the work place is that between a manager and their employees. Being able to relate and support employees will have a lasting impact and create an open working relationship that will be beneficial to you both.

Helps you clarify your vision

Leadership training allows you to take a step back from your overall vision and examine what can be done differently to help drive you and your team to those strategic goals. You may even walk away learning how to communicate your vision and your hopes in a motivational way, which will have a lasting effect on your employees.

It shapes all types of managers

There is no concrete guide describing what a leader looks like and as more millennials move up the career ladder, it’s important to nurture natural qualities that make them an effective leader. Good leadership training will make managers realise their strengths, teach them how to utilise that in the work place and make them understand the impact this can have on other people.

It builds self confidence and esteem

As mentioned above, not all leaders are natural extroverts who are loud and make their voices heard. Sometimes, it’s the quiet individuals who possess great leadership qualities and training in this area can really make a difference when it comes to building their confidence and self esteem.

Teaches you how to influence people

The power of influencing those around you isn’t an easy quality, however leadership training and help you with this. It also ties in with the previous point nicely too. Once your confidence and self esteems is boosted you’re then in a better position to make your voice heard among your peers and drive change you want within your organisation. You also uncover aspects of motivation and what you can do within your role to motivate your team and keep them happy.


If you feel that leadership training would benefit yourself or those within your organisation then why not check out the range of leadership courses we have on offer at Training and Courses?


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