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Five types of people who take training courses

You may think training courses are for those still in education but you’d be wrong. 

Safeera Sarjoo
22nd February 2016
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At Training and Courses we welcome people from all walks of life to our website. People take courses for all sorts of reasons and so we’ve compiled a list of five different personalities that are likely to come to our website in search of that perfect course and what they should be searching for too. Do you fit any of the following? Read on and remember that wherever you are in life, you never stop learning.

The career changer

You’ve done everything you needed to do to achieve the career you’re currently in; you got good grades, you gained enough work experience and have built up the years in relevant positions. But now, you’re ready for a new challenge. According to a 2015 report by the London School of Business and Finance, almost half of all workers in the UK said they would like to change career. New industries and opportunities are created all the time, so in order to help make that transition from accounting to catering easier, you may take a couple of courses within the area you’d like to specialise in to give you a solid foundation.

Search for: Courses that are aimed at beginners if you’re a complete novice. If you have qualifications and/or experience within your new line of work, then continue building your education with appropriately levelled NVQs or BTECs.


The ladder climber

You’ve got a solid foundation in your current job but you’ve been thinking about assuming some more responsibility and challenging your current skill set. There’s nothing wrong with scouting out some courses that can aid you in this. Depending on where you work, it may be useful to gain professional certificates or professional diplomas in areas that will be new to you once you progress. This will show your superiors that you are committed to bettering yourself in order to better your performance within the company.

Search for: Professional Diplomas or Professional Certificates in niche areas that will be applicable to a higher tiered role.


The fresh eyed apprentice

Even though your friends may be going to university, you feel that this route simply isn’t for you. That’s absolutely fine. Training and Courses also features apprenticeships across different industries such as construction, hair and beauty and media. A lot of work is being done to change the way people view apprenticeships and just how beneficial they can be when it comes to securing a job. The earn while you learn aspect also makes it an attractive alternative to university.

Search for: Your perfect apprenticeship! We have a lot to choose from and providers who are more than happy to offer more information.


The CV enhancer

You’re doing pretty well at your job. You’re happy with the work you’re doing, feel challenged enough and have no real complaints. However you’re conscious that with a fast changing world, the skills you accumulated five years ago are probably mandatory requirements when it comes to applying for new jobs. Gaining qualifications in small but necessary subjects can inadvertently set your CV apart so when it does come to that point where you’re ready for pastures new, you’ll have a number of bonus talking points on your CV.

Search for: Niche courses that will be relevant to your career progression. Editing software, minute taking and first aid are all good areas to have knowledge in.


The ambitious entrepreneur

You’ve had enough of the rat race and the dream you’ve had of being your own boss has been getting you excited. Since the rise of social media and a highly digitalised world, more millennials are becoming increasingly business savvy and are opting to work for themselves rather than commit to a corporation. This kind of initiative is great but it can be a bit daunting when starting out. You will be looking to take courses so that you’re knowledgeable in all areas of your business. This includes strategy and start up, finance, marketing and branding and health and safety. These will all come into play as your venture grows and you expand to managing a team of people.

Search for: Introductory courses to business and the above mentioned areas if you’re new to these areas. It is also worth looking at character building courses that will equip you with good communication and confidence if you feel you lack in these areas.


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